Mission &Vision

Bringing beauty and comfort to those in need via an extensive community of support.


Her Haven’s MISSION is to bring beauty, comfort and care to inspiring women – and organizations that serve women – through the gift of design.


Her Haven’s VISION is to create a community where artists, designers, students, volunteers, tradespeople, and inspiring women come together to celebrate our common interests, our unique talents, and our shared humanity.   A place to connect and honor all those who bring beauty to our world, with all those who bring inspiration to our world.

Core Values:


Honor women, and organizations that serve women, for their work making a difference as caregivers, comforters, teachers, leaders, breadwinners, builders, helpers, healers, protectors, supporters, peace keepers, inspirers, freedom fighters and warriors for their family, their country and their communities.

Celebrate art, design, and all those involved in bringing beauty to our lives.

Harness the passion and desire of design students to get professional and meaningful experience.

Tap into the abundant resources in the design community.

Showcase interior design programs across the United States.

Inspire volunteers to get involved in ways both large and small.