Through our partnerships with interior design programs, Her Haven gives students the opportunity for hands-on professional experience, while turning a house into a home for first-time Habitat for Humanity homeowners.


Students from the University of New Haven were excited to help create a haven for Vanessa and her family, who had just moved into their hard-earned Habitat for Humanity home.  Both of Vanessa's children have a significant disability requiring the home to be handicap accessible, so careful consideration was taken to use soft furnishings, eliminate the use of an area rug which would be an impediment for the wheelchairs, and to create a bright, cheery space for the whole family.


Nordia is truly a remarkable woman.  Mother of 5 children, one of whom has a severe disability requiring around-the-clock care, she is also a nurse's aid.  After putting in her 500 hours of sweat equity to build her Habitat for Humanity home, she was greatly in need of furnishings and a way to turn her house into her home.

Students from Fairfield University's Interior Design Program worked with Her Haven and stepped up to create a beautiful home for Nordia and her children.


Elizabeth moved from Puerto Rico to the United States, driven by "mother's intuition" that something was wrong with her three year-old son.  Shortly after arriving, he was diagnosed with autism, but today he is thriving thanks to Elizabeth's tireless efforts to advocate on his behalf.  Students from Fairfield University's Interior Design Program couldn't wait to roll up their sleeves and help Elizabeth get the haven of her dreams.  And did they ever!