Whether suffering from trauma, grief, illness or addiction, or are simply in need of a haven in which to "sit and be still," having a warm and inviting space supports healing, well-being and recovery.


Named the #1 trauma-informed women's recovery home by the CT Women's Consortium after Her Haven's renovation, The Tina Klem Serenity House is a 12-bed home for women in recovery from substance abuse, mental health disorders, and trauma. Her Haven partnered with the University of Bridgeport's Shintaro Akatsu Interior Design School, giving students the opportunity for meaningful, hands-on professional experience.

Upon entering the newly remodeled Victorian home, many women expressed just what having such a beautiful place in which to start (or continue) their recovery journey meant to them:

I never knew I was really worth something like this. But now I know that, yes, I AM worth this, and I can't wait to build my new life.

When I came here, I saw what my life could be, not what it had been.

I walked in, and thought I was in the wrong place. I have never been in such a beautiful home, and then to know it was a group of volunteers who made it so beautiful just blew me away. I was used to thinking of myself as worthless, but this place taught me I'm not. I learned to expect good things, to love myself, and to hope.


This project was done for a family from Sandy Hook who tragically lost their son in the shooting in 2012. They were expecting a new baby who would be sharing a bedroom with their 11 year old son, and were looking for a design that would honor the little boy who was lost, while celebrating new life and the remarkable older brother.

Interior designer Bobbie Sue Smart volunteered her services to create a true haven for the little bundle of joy and his big brother, giving them each their own zone, and utilizing a style that was timeless and ageless. She also refreshed the Master Bed and Bath for Mom and Dad, providing them with a sanctuary of healing and peace.


“A precious gift to Bridgeport and the HIV/AIDS community”, Nancy Kingwood, Director of HIV Services for the Greater Bridgeport Area Prevention Program, was selected as Her Haven’s first client in 2009.  Nancy shared her modest Bridgeport home with her daughter and twin 3 year old granddaughters, and had no space just for her.  Studying, writing her sermons, compiling her training manuals, reading and praying were all done in her bedroom, with her books, papers and materials all stored underneath her bed.

We were thrilled to give Nancy a place to "sit, read, write and pray", and were amazed to witness the impact her special haven had on her.