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  • Bethany Armstrong is currently attending the Interior Design program at Fairfield University after changing careers in 2010. Her previous background as an Executive Recruiter prepared her for the business and client aspect of design, but it lacked the creativity she loves. After meeting Carey, she was thrilled to learn about Her Haven’s quest to bring design to those in need.

    Her design experience has been an exciting journey where she has been fortunate to meet leading designers and see first hand the amazing work they do transforming environments and lives. This inspiration was what Bethany drew upon when she volunteered to be the Project Manager for one of Her Haven’s first projects. As Project Manager, she played an integral part in the client interview process, client correspondence, space planning, product sourcing and buying, budgeting, and installation. She also gained valuable experience coordinating a team of designers and volunteers donating goods and services. Bethany was able to find creative solutions within tough time constraints for the challenging issues that surfaced.

    Ultimately, even more than the incredible design experience she was exposed to, the pure joy on the faces of the families after they saw their new rooms was reason why she believes design is where she belongs!

    {Note from Her Haven: Bethany met with Founder Carey Dougherty in 2011, and from that first meeting, never stopped thinking of ways to move Her Haven forward. In addition to constantly brainstorming new ideas for our organization, advocating for our Launch sponsorship by CT ASID, sourcing materials for the event, and leading her group of students as Project Manager for Nordia Black’s new home, Bethany ultimately performed the greatest task of all: completing a beautiful and functional design for Nordia and her five children. Her Haven will always be grateful to Bethany for her help in paving the way, and we hope that she will be a huge success in her new career.}

  • Jenine Beck, Owner of Jenine Beck Design, is a resident of Fairfield, CT.

    She opened her design firm in 2009 while attending Fairfield University, and earned her Residential Design degree in 2011. Jenine’s phiosophy on designing for a client is to listen closely to what her clients need, evaluate how they live, and come up with the best design solutions possible. Jenine is a friendly, outgoing person with three children. She has an eye for innovation and keeps current with emerging design trends. her passion for design spills over into volunteering her time for Her Haven and Habitat for Humanity. She is also an active member of ASID.

    “Good design is pulling the threads of home, family, art, nature, and style into a cohesive plan, and executing that plan.”

    {Note from Her Haven: Jenine was the very first student to offer her services to Her Haven, and has been an incredible supporter every step of the way. She led her team of 5 students to work on Elizabeth Bosques’ new home, met on numerous occasions with Elizabeth, sourced materials and coordinated complicated schedules. She always had a smile on her face, a word of support and encouragement to the rest of her group, and helped to complete a beautiful design that Elizabeth and her family loved. We are so grateful to Jenine for all her hard work, for her professionalism, and care.}

    Please contact Jenine at or 203.722.6612 for a design consultation, and to see how she can turn your home into Your Haven!

  • Andrea Bonfils is an award winning artist whose paintings offer an innovative and unique approach while reflecting her life’s experience.

    Her Haven Andrea Bonfils RestfulAlthough most inspirations come from the natural world and break from artistic traditions, other artists’ influences can be seen in Andrea’s work, such as the colors of Wolf Kahn, the water of Monet or movement of Van Gogh. With a reverence for the organic, Andrea utilizes mostly oils and encaustics with some mixed media. Coupling this with her passionate interest in skiing, swimming, hiking and gardening, Andrea paints what she enjoys most; plentiful gardens, trees, crashing waves, divers, fog and passionate colored skies. Using unconventional hardware, a blow torch, iron and other heated tools, along with paper and natural materials, she glazes or layers wax over photographs, photo transfers or meticulously renders subjects lost in a waxy fog. Andrea’s uncommon painting techniques and her conservative yet rebellious nature, give way to a vision seen as intense, mysterious and ethereal.

    Andrea specializes in a variety of unique commission work, paintings, underwater photography and mixed media, and what she calls “DEP, documentation event portraits”. The portrait subject develops a personal symbol in their favorite color along with 10 descriptive words, developing a semantic, abstract, color identifying holistic document, all of which is incorporated into a black and white oil portrait.

    Through close collaboration with each client, Andrea’s numerous commissioned paintings continually reflect a unique approach to customizing her subject matter to the needs of the collector.

    Andrea has had many solo and group exhibitions. She participates in annual and regionsal shows, has been featured in a number of publications and on tv. Her work is in numerous private and corporate collections worldwide, including: The Vertrue Corporation, CT and Tiffany & Co., London.

    Andrea creates her work from her post and beam barn studio in Connecticut and Sante Fe, NM.

  • Kerry Brock is a printmaker, painter, bookmaker and an award winning broadcast journalist who brings the layered nuances of time and connectedness to her abstract prints and paintings.

    Screen-shot-2013-11-23-at-3.55.39-PM-300x274She grew up on a farm in Pasco, WA, driving crop-harvesting equipment, competing with her sheep and horses in 4-H events and sewing her own clothes. At Washington State University she joined the debate team, which sparked her interest in pontification for a living. The days of manual labor were over.

    During her 20-year television career she hosted Freedom Speaks, a national PBS program based in New York and Washington, D.C. focusing on media and First Amendment issues. She appeared regularly as a media analyst for CNN, Fox, Time, The Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times. She was a founding employee of Edifice Rex, the Internet Company owned by New York based Insignia, formerly the largest real estate management company in the United States. She also spent a decade as news anchor and reporter for KOMO TV, the ABC affiliate in Seattle, WA.

    In 2001 Kerry relocated to Connecticut with her husband and son where she began her studies in the fine arts. Eventually a new career was born which included, inevitably, a return to manual labor.

  • Her Haven was truly blessed by this incredible photographer, Cynthia Brown of New Canaan, CT. We were introduced to Cynthia by a member of CT ASID, and needed a photographer to shoot just the Before pictures of one of our first clients: Nordia Black, a proud new Habitat for Humanity homeowner, nurse’s aid, and mother of five children, one of whom is severely disabled and requires around the clock care. Cynthia quickly agreed to help us out, and we were grateful.

    We picked a day in April to meet at Nordia’s, discuss the design concepts of Fairfield University’s Project Manager Bethany Armstrong, and shoot some pictures. Before we knew it though the entire afternoon had passed, and the day ended up being about so much more than a client interview and design consultation: talk of family, kids, challenges and common struggles, interacting with Nordia’s 5 children, getting big hugs from her two youngest “princesses”, and watching her oldest son crawl into the hospital bed of his younger sister for a kiss on the cheek — all while Cynthia was snapping away. Of course Bethany obtained all the information she needed from a design perspective, but more importantly, we spent a glorious afternoon laughing, connecting and sharing.

    Cynthia came back for the other Before pictures of our second client, the After pictures of both, and for our Launch Celebration in May (that is 5 photo shoots!!). She also put us in touch with her best friend Carrie Johnson, who sang at our Lauch Celebration. I hope you will take the time to visit Cynthia’s website, watch the videos she made for us, and feel the magic of our time with her and our clients in 2012.

  • Mari Gyorgyey is an award winning artist who has studied worldwide in her pursuit of art and design using various mediums. She uses the techniques of etching, drawing and mixed media to express transience. Her studio is located in Norwalk, CT.


    “I integrate fine art and design using different mediums. a big art stew. Surprisingly and pleasingly there is a method to my madness. I utilize my skills of ‘printmaking, collage, painting, book arts and especially drawing to assemble my works. They- are just as likely to be based on mid-century abstracts as on the lush foliage of the Impressionists. My work is off beat-with touches of outsider art.

    Confusing but at closer glance strangely approachable and endearing. Something I will hope, you will want to possess.”


  • Elisa Keogh is an award-winning artist and designer who currently works with photographic and encaustic mediums.

    Screen-shot-2013-11-23-at-4.41.21-PM-215x300Born in England and raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland during the height of political unrest, Keogh was drawn to the raw and seemingly spontaneous street art that focused on content. She found it to be inspiring and freeing.

    At 19, Keogh came to came to the United States as an Au Pair and subsequently studied photography and graphic design at The School of Visual Arts and Parsons School of Design in NYC.

    Keogh enjoyed a successful career in graphic design in New York; starting out as a junior layout artist with the corporate design firm Hershell George Graphics and finally accepting her dream job as Art Director for the record label, Arista Records.

    During this time Keogh worked with many talented musicians. Her cover design for Annie Lenox’s ‘Diva’ album was nominated for a Grammy in 1993 and her poster design for the alternative rock band The San Francisco Seals was placed in the permanent design collection of the Cooper Hewitt Museum in New York. It was while at Arista that Keogh’s interest in photography reignighted as she collaborated with many creative and accomplished photographers in order to capture celebrities personalities.

    Since 2005, Keogh has devoted herself to her personal work, exhibiting her experimental photographs and more recently, her encaustic paintings. Her works have been featured throughout Connecticut at venues including the Silvermine Guild of Artists (New Canaan), the Housatonic Museum of Art (Bridgeport), the Westport Arts Center (Westport), the Ridgefield Guild of Artists (Ridgefield), SPAG (Norwalk), 22 Haviland Street Gallery (Norwalk), the Rowayton Arts Center (Norwalk) and the Carriage Barn Art Center (New Canaan).

    Keogh currently lives and maintains her studio in Norwalk, CT.

  • Kendall Klingbeil is an artist of seemingly unlimited versatility. Her landscapes, abstracts, still lifes, murals, portraits of people and animals are enthusiastically embraced by collectors. The “New York Times” describes her as an “energy painter whose works make people feel good.”

    Screen-shot-2013-11-23-at-4.08.42-PM-204x300Some of Kendall’s patrons have included; John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Richard Gere, Dr. Robin Cook, and Lord and Lady Walton. Her work sets the scene in the Plum Tree in New Canaan, Ct, various restaurants throughout the area and recently the setting for the Gala,” Moonlight and Madness ” for the Silvermine Art Guild . In the past several years she developed a following among collectors who found new delight in her work when she shifted from painting on walls to painting on canvas.

    She studied classical painting with Michael Aviano, John Osborne, Daniel Greene, Danielle Wexler,Jon deMartin, and Scott Christensen

    A native of Springfield, Ohio, and a Cum Laude graduate of Ohio University, Kendall is also an accomplished singer, tap dancer, cook, and now her new love of fly-fishing takes her to beautiful vistas for exciting plein air painting opportunities!

    Recently Kendy opened a studio gallery in Pound Ridge,NY. The address is 23 Westchester Avenue, 914 764-3577. It’s called Kendall’s Studio Gallery. She is also showing other artists’ work. Already people are calling it a magical, enchanting place. Please call for hours or an appointment! Instruction is available as well!

    Her award-winning work is exhibited in art galleries across the country.

  • At the core of my work is a fascination with the human experience. I consider systems of human behavior in relation to larger happenings: poverty, war, systems of control and understanding, government, and religion vs. mythology. As an artist, I observe and comment on the human condition on both aglobal and an intimate level. The dichotomies we are effected by and that which define us are the root and structure behind the work: how we are connecting or being ripped apart, what we have or lack, when we are strong vs. weak and aware or oblivious, here in the present and then gone.

    My interest lies in of how a subtle or vast shift alters relationships. My work continues to explore the fine line between perception and imagination of these relationships through an articulation of compositional effects. Using line and form, I determine how much or how little information is necessary to communicate these shifts.

    Although abstract, my work is influenced by formal principles. I use these principles both literally and metaphorically as the vocabulary with which I develop my compositions.

  • Denise Minnerly’s paintings elicit visual surprise for viewers. Her secco frescoes are similar to the frescoes perfected during the renaissance. A base of plaster holds the pigment to a panel. Minnerly then adds collaged items and wax to create her conceptual pieces.

    Screen-shot-2013-11-23-at-4.39.37-PMMinnerly’s passion and reverence for life, from the environment to social mores, fires her work as she moves and transforms thought into art. She explores varied social dichotomies in a humorous vein. In “Out to Dry” a large house looms on the frame with small houses dangling from its clothes line. A “starter castle” sits directly opposite a small house with playful fish springing from each house symbolizing the thoughts of each abode. Her houses are visual metaphors conveying wry observations of North America today.

    Denise Minnerly graduated from the University of Vermont with a BS in art education and BFA in the arts. She continued her art education at the Arts Student League in New York City and Silvermine School of Art in CT. She is the illustrator of three published children’s books relating to art, The Color Tree, Molly Meets Mona and Friends and Painting the Town. Minnerly exhibits her work in the tri-state area. Her paintings are displayed by public corporations throughout the Northeast.

  • Romanoff Elements is a Westchester, NY based company that works to bring select art & design elements together with the individualized needs of each client.

    Carol Romanoff is an Art & Design Consultant and Artist’s Representative. Carol works with clients, interior designers and retailers on residential and commercial projects, seeking pieces that are timeless, well-designed and create balance. She assists her clients by editing the creative elements; fine art photography, paintings, sculpture and decorative accessories that are “just right” for them. Carol also works with retail stores to provide and rotate art that compliments their merchandise and offers their customers access to original artwork.

    About Carol Romanoff

    From the start, Carol’s interests were creatively driven. Her education in Design and Environmental Analysis at Cornell University, and study of art at RISD and The New School provide the foundation for her work. She began a career in textile design, and segued into home furnishings, where she works closely with interior designers, retailers, artisans and private clients. Romanoff Elements evolved from Carol’s lifelong love of art and the creative process. Her education in art, design and art history along with her collaborative skills and experience enable Carol’s to bring a client’s vision to life.

  • Robert Valle is a graduate of the Interior Design Program at Fairfield University, and currently works at Granoff Architects in Greenwich, CT.

    valle2With a keen attention to detail and amazing sense of style, Robert is also a talented event planner. He combines all the elements necessary to create just the right mood: flowers, design, color, texture, lighting, and most importantly — his own personal flair for making people feel relaxed and at ease.

    Robert donated the beautiful flowers for our Launch celebration in May of 2012, and created several sweet tablescapes throughout the room at Fairfield University’s Dolan School of Business. His touch was just the right touch: simple, elegant, and sophisticated. We are so grateful to him for his part in a beautiful evening, and for his wonderful friendship.

  • Carla Wales is a painter, whose still life and landscape compositions are guided by intuition and influenced by her roots, travels and cultural experiences.

    Screen-shot-2013-11-23-at-4.36.54-PM-300x192Born in the Philippines, Carla traveled the world with her family before relocating to the United States in 1981. After graduating from Goucher College (Baltimore, MD) with a degree in Liberal Arts, she continued her travels calling Madrid, Barcelona, Barbados, Mexico and Panama “home.” At the suggestion of a mentor, Wales began to explore a career in fine arts in 1994 and settled in New York. She studied drawing and painting at the Art Student’s League with Jack Faragasso, at the Ridgewood Art Institute with John Osborne and at the Aviano Academy of Fine Arts.

    As Carla hit her stride, her paintings caught the attention of art collectors. Over the years, she has garnered the support of several patrons, and her oil paintings reside in many private national and international collections. In 2002, Wales had a solo exhibition in Manila, Philippines at Gallery 139. She has also exhibited her work throughout New York, including Ceres Gallery (Manhattan), the Art Student’s League (Manhattan), Town & Country Gallery (Pound Ridge), Emily Shaw’s (Pound Ridge), Lionheart Gallery (Pound Ridge), Bistro 22 (Bedford) and Paint Box (Bedford Hills). She has exhibited in Connecticut at the Flinn Gallery (Greenwich), Ivy Lane (New Canaan), Adelaide Fine Art (New Canaan), SPAG Gallery (Norwalk) and Geary Gallery (Darien).

    In addition to her fine art pursuits, Wales has a parallel career as a decorative painter. She creates custom faux finishes, murals, Venetian and other specialty plasters, intricate stenciling and gilding in residential and commercial spaces. She has a substantial portfolio and ever-expanding professional client base in New York and Connecticut.

    Carla Wales lives in Pound Ridge and maintains a studio in the Firing Circuits Art Studios in Norwalk.