We've all heard it before:  "Love is the answer."  Corny and cliché, right?  Well, it may be, but I also happen to believe it is TRUE!

I believe love is not just a state of being,  but a conscious act of doing.  It doesn't just come when you have a child or "fall" in love.  I don't believe people can be "lucky in love."  As Nike says, you"Just do it!"  Just commit to making every act an act of love....Or at least trying 🙂

Sometimes it comes as just a smile, sometimes it is helping someone in need, sometimes it is much greater and deeper, but there is always a way to spread love and, as Gandhi said, "be the change we wish to see in the world."

With the firm belief that love IS the answer, my MISSION is to bring HEALING and LOVE to homes, hearts, and the world through the gift of DESIGN and through CONNECTING people to the causes that make a DIFFERENCE.

How can YOU to do what you love, and do it with love?


Determined to prove that great design doesn't have to cost a lot of money, I create casual, eclectic spaces that are often a mix of family heirlooms, children's artwork, and flea market finds.   With a focus on how combinations of color, lighting, texture, layout, materials and finishes make one feel rather than simply on how they look, I always aim to design spaces that feel comfortable and relaxed, and which convey a sense of healing and inspiration. Whether designing a room, an entire home, or helping families and nonprofits in need, I design with care -for you, your health and well-being, and your wallet! And, because I donate 10% of my design fee to my nonprofit, Her Haven, your design project actually helps care for women and families in need, too!

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Giving back is so important - not just for the recipient, but for the giver as well. It really does have the power to heal: us, our community, and ultimately, the heart at a time. 🙂
Her Haven is my nonprofit "baby," and is one of the things that fills my heart with gratitude and joy. Founded in 2009, it lives at the intersection of great design and great philanthropy. We are dedicated to celebrating the transformative power of design to positively affect lives from the "outside in", and to using the gifts of design to help women and families in need of comfort, care, healing and hope. I donate 10% of my design fees from Design with Care to Her Haven, so that I can bring the gifts of design to those who need it most.
Her Haven

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Community Heroes

We all have talents that can be used for good.  

There are so many organizations, nonprofits and people who do good.

The Nonprofit Resource Center is a link between those who are looking to lend their time and talent, and those who need a hand in some way.  From helping on a special event, running a clothing drive for a women's shelter, painting a beautiful mural in a homeless shelter, providing comfort dogs, helping women feel their best through a hair and makeup session, or updating a common area in a veterans' service agency, there are countless ways to help and countless needs among the agencies working hard to make the world a better place.

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Question: What do teaching, sales, international business, interior design, behavioral health and nonprofits have in common?

Answer: They are all industries and fields in which I have worked!

I have always admired and envied people who knew from a young age what they wanted to do as their profession, but for those of us who didn't, the worst thing in my mind is living a life and career by default, rather than by design.

So yes, my professional path has taken some zigs and zags as I have followed different opportunities and interests, taking me to rural Japan, Tokyo, San Francisco (after packing up my little Honda Civic and driving across country at the age of 25, sans GPS or cell phone), New York City, and currently, Fairfield Country, CT.

Driven by my love for design but even more by my love for helping others and connecting to people from all walks of life, I am dedicated to combining interior design,  giving back, and helping people and nonprofits do more good.

Whether designing beautiful spaces that provide healing and peace, designing more fulfilling lives by connecting people to volunteer opportunities with the nonprofits we all love, or simply by sharing stories and "little things" of hope and beauty, my mission remains the same: design a difference for homes, hearts, our community, and our world, and do it with love.

Thanks again for dropping in, and I look forward to seeing how, together, we can design lives that bring us healing, peace, meaning, and joy.



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