Elizabeth Bosques – Habitat for Humanity

Driven by intuition, Elizabeth Bosques knew she had to move from her small hometown in Puerto Rico to the United States if she wanted to find better medical care for her son.  Elizabeth is a divorced mother of 3 boys, and moved to Bridgeport in 2001 in hopes of identifying why her middle son was unresponsive to communication.

CBS_0779From the minute she arrived, Elizabeth made the most of every opportunity made available to her. Early childhood intervention programs helped to identify her son as having autism, and taught Elizabeth how to advocate for proper educational services offered through the public school system. Today, her son is an avid reader and is thriving in his classes.

Being a single mom and caring for a child with disabilities had been a challenge on Elizabeth’s salary, but she was looking for a larger home for her family — one where she didn’t have to sleep in the living room, and where her boys could go outside to play. In 2012, her dream came true.  After contributing over 500 hours of sweat equity required of partner families, Elizabeth and her boys moved into their Habitat for Humanity house.

eafter1Her Haven was thrilled to help turn their house into a home through the amazing talents of a group of students from Fairfield University’s Interior Design Program. Led by Jenine Beck (with Meghan Fries, Nancy Rosado, Joanna Szlaga, Elaine Wallace and Sarah Weiland), the students needed to specifiy paint colors for the walls (painting by A.G. Williams; paint provided by Painter’s Supply), provide brand new living room and dining room furniture, new window treatments (Draperies, Inc.), and finally, accessories and art.  They also needed to be sure to accommodate the “girls” of the house: Elizabeth’s two birds and fish.

Jenine and her team of students worked tirelessly to source all of the materials and furnishings, arrange the complicated scheduling of contractors and furniture deliveries, and do it all on a limited budget.  Through it all, they managed to accomplish all of their goals:  provide a comfortable living and dining area in a warm and neutral palette, and create a special corner just for Elizabeth. They even found a spot for their friends with feathers and fins!